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英语阅读:皇室专家认为梅根有可能不会出席女王葬礼 Why Meghan Markle might not attend Queen Elizabeth II's funeral: It ‘may not be possible,’ royal expert says Former British public affairs official Shannon Felton Spence said that Markle may return to California to be with her young children, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1 By Ashley Hume , Ashley Papa | Fox News Meghan Markle might not be present for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, according to a royal expert who spoke to Fox News Digital. 据一位王室专家向福克斯新闻数字频道透露,梅根·马克尔可能不会出席女王伊丽莎白二世的葬礼。 Former British public affairs official Shannon Felton Spence explained that Markle and Prince Harry were already traveling in Europe when the monarch died on Thursday, but she could decide to return home to California ahead of the funeral to be with their two young children, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1. 英国前公共事务官员香农·费顿·斯宾塞解释说,女王周四去世时,梅根和哈里王子已经在欧洲旅行,但她可以决定在葬礼前回到加州,陪伴他们的两个年幼的孩子,3岁的阿尔奇和1岁的莉莉贝特。 "Harry will likely stay in the U.K. until the funeral. I can’t imagine Meghan won’t attend, but again from a human perspective, Meghan was expecting to leave the kids for six days, not weeks, so may not be possible for her to stay the whole time," Spence said. “哈里王子可能会在英国待到葬礼。我无法想象梅根不会参加,但从人类的角度来看,梅根预期是离开孩子们6天,而不是几周(参加葬礼),所以她可能不会一直待在这里,”斯宾塞说。 Meghan Markle might not be present for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral. (NDZ/Star Max/GC Images) Prince Harry and Markle, who married in 2018, live in Montecito, California, with their children. They relocated to the U.S. in 2020 after stepping down from their roles as senior working royals, a move that has led to a rift in the royal family. 哈里王子和梅根于2018年结婚,他们带着孩子住在加州的蒙特西托。2020年,他们从高级王室成员的职位上退下来,搬到了美国,这一举动导致了王室内部的裂痕。 rift /rɪft/ n. 1.分裂;分歧;严重不和•The rift within the party deepened. 党内的分歧加深了。2.断裂;裂缝;裂口 The couple were scheduled to attend the WellChild Awards in London on Thursday night. Prince Harry was due to give a speech at the event for the charity organization, which provides aid to seriously ill children and their families. 这对夫妇原定于周四晚上出席在伦敦举行的WellChild颁奖典礼。哈里王子原定在活动上为慈善组织发表演讲,该组织为重病儿童及其家人提供援助。 However, the Duke of Sussex rushed to Balmoral Castle in Scotland to be with the royal family after doctors became concerned for the queen's health. He arrived at Aberdeen airport at 6:46 p.m. GMT, 16 minutes after the royal family announced her death at 6:30 p.m., according to flight tracking data. 然而,在医生开始担心女王的健康状况后,苏塞克斯公爵急忙赶到苏格兰的巴尔莫勒尔堡与王室成员团聚。据航班追踪数据显示,威廉王子于格林尼治时间下午6点46分抵达阿伯丁机场,也就是在英国王室于下午6点30分宣布女王死讯16分钟后。 Prince Harry's older brother Prince William, Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie, and Prince Andrew flew to Scotland together on a Royal Air Force jet earlier in the day, arriving at 4 p.m. 当天早些时候,哈里王子的哥哥威廉王子、爱德华王子和妻子索菲以及安德鲁王子一起乘坐皇家空军的飞机前往苏格兰,于下午4点抵达。 Prince Harry was photographed in a car while arriving at Balmoral Castle shortly before 8 p.m. He was seen in photos at the airport on Friday morning as he returned to London. 晚上8点前,哈里王子被拍到乘车抵达巴尔莫勒尔堡。周五早上,当他返回伦敦时,有人在机场看到他的照片。 He made the trip solo with Markle staying behind in London. Prince William's wife Kate Middleton did not travel to Balmoral in order to be with her children, Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4, on their first day of school. 哈利独自前往,梅根留在伦敦。威廉王子的妻子凯特·米德尔顿并没有去巴尔莫勒尔堡,因为她的孩子们——9岁的乔治王子、7岁的夏洛特公主和4岁的路易斯王子在开学第一天要去上学。 Along with many others, Spence said she believed that the fact that the family members took separate flights to Balmoral is indicative of the ongoing tension between Prince Harry and Meghan and the other members of the royal family. 斯宾塞和其他人一样,她认为家庭成员分别飞往巴尔莫勒尔的事实表明哈里王子和梅根以及其他皇室成员之间的关系持续紧张。 is indicative of :暗示 "I think it is telling Harry was in a different car, so by the optics — Harry arriving and leaving alone — tells you what the relationship and tone was like between families," she said. Spence added that it was also telling that Prince Harry was the first to leave. 她说:“我认为这是在告诉大家,哈利坐了另一辆车,通过光学证明——哈利独来独往——告诉大家皇室家庭之间的关系和基调是什么样子的。”斯宾塞补充说,这也说明哈里王子是第一个离开的。 optics n. /ˈɒptɪks/ 光学 In addition, the two brothers live about half a mile away from each other in Windsor, while Prince Andrew also lives close by, so it was notable that they flew separately. 此外,两兄弟在温莎的时候,居住地相隔约半英里,然而安德鲁王子也住在附近,所以他们分别乘坐飞机是很值得注意的。 Royal expert Eloise Parker told Fox New Digital, "The family will be keen to play down the ‘feud’ narrative, given their more pressing new issues, processing the enormity of the death of the Queen and the intense scrutiny faced by King Charles as he settles into his new role." 王室专家Eloise Parker告诉福克斯新数字频道,“考虑到他们更紧迫的新问题—处理女王之死的巨大影响,以及查尔斯国王在适应他的新角色时面临的严格审查,王室将热衷于淡化‘世仇’的叙事。” play down:淡化,降低,贬低 narrative /ˈnærətɪv/n.记叙文,叙述;叙事技巧adj.叙述的;叙事体的 enormity n. /ɪˈnɔːməti/ 1.the ~ of sth(问题等) 巨大;深远影响;严重性•the enormity of the task 任务的艰巨性 •People are still coming to terms with the enormity of the disaster. 人们仍在力图接受这一灾难带来的严重恶果。2.滔天罪行;罪大恶极•the enormities of the Hitler regime 希特勒政权的滔天罪行 "Meghan was expecting to leave the kids for six days, not weeks,". (Matt Cardy) She continued, "It's clear that both Harry and William are deeply committed to very different kinds of lives and priorities at this point in time. There was definitely a sense of estrangement, particularly given that he and William were historically such a tight unit. A decade ago, they would almost certainly have arrived or left together." 她继续说道:“很明显,哈里和威廉在这个时候都致力于非常不同的生活和优先事项。他们之间肯定有隔阂,尤其是考虑到他和威廉在历史上是如此紧密的一个整体。十年前,他们几乎肯定会一起来或一起走。” estrangement /ɪˈstreɪndʒmənt/ n. ~ (from sb/sth)~ (between A and B) 疏远(的一段时间);分居(期)• a period of estrangement from his wife 他与妻子分居期间 The royal expert said that with the queen's death and King Charles III's ascension to the throne, Prince William "will now have even more royal responsibility as Prince of Wales and direct heir to the throne." 这位王室专家表示,随着女王的去世和国王查理三世登上王位,威廉王子“作为威尔士王子和王位的直接继承人,现在将承担更多的王室责任。” ascension /əˈsenʃn/ n.上升;耶稣升天 Parker added, "He has always kept a small, loyal circle around himself and Catherine. It's hard to see how Harry, living over six thousand miles away and forging a very different career path, could be a core part of that circle, and vice versa." 帕克补充说:“他一直在自己和凯瑟琳身边保持着一个忠诚的小圈子。很难想象生活在6000多英里之外、开创了一条截然不同的职业道路的哈里会成为这个圈子的核心部分,反之亦然。” During his first speech to the nation as monarch, King Charles confirmed that Prince William will succeed him when he dies, and he had given his oldest son his former title, the Prince of Wales. 在他作为君主的首次全国讲话中,查尔斯国王证实,威廉王子将在他死后继承他的王位,他已经把他的长子的头衔——威尔士亲王(Prince of Wales)——传给了他。 In the speech, King Charles also appeared to have offered an olive branch to Prince Harry and Markle amid the division in the royal family. 在演讲中,查尔斯国王似乎也向哈里王子和梅根抛出了橄榄枝,因为王室内部存在分歧。 olive branch (象征和平的)橄榄枝 "King Charles went out of his way to voice his ‘love for Harry and Meghan as they build their lives overseas.' It was a touching way to acknowledge acceptance of his son's new life path whilst making clear his continued support as a father," Parker said. “查尔斯国王特意表达了他对哈里和梅根的爱,因为他们在海外生活。这是一种感人的方式,承认他接受了儿子的新生活道路,同时表明他作为一个父亲会继续支持他,”帕克说。 She continued, "Charles' warm comments eased the path for Harry and Meghan to attend the funeral. I expect they will be there, but there is no expectation that their very young children will attend." 她继续说道:“查尔斯的热情的话语为哈里和梅根参加葬礼铺平了道路。我预计他们会参加,但他们年幼的孩子几乎不可能参加。” Spence said she believed that Prince William and Middleton's children had not met Lilibet yet, but they did meet Archie before the Sussexes moved to the U.S. 斯宾塞说,她相信威廉王子和米德尔顿的孩子们还没有见过莉莉贝特,但他们在苏塞克斯夫妇搬到美国之前见过阿奇。 Added Parker, "The undoubted shock and hurt felt within the royal family from Harry and Meghan's scorched earth departure has no doubt been eclipsed by this extraordinary period of grief and change. 帕克补充说:“哈里和梅根的焦土策略似的脱离王室无疑给王室带来了冲击和伤害,但在这段特殊悲痛与皇室变化交织的阶段无疑掩盖了这些伤害。 scorched earth:焦土策略 eclipse /ɪˈklɪps/1.日食;月食•an eclipse of the sun/moon 日食;月食。2.(重要性、权势等的)丧失,黯然失色,暗淡•The election result marked the eclipse of the right wing. 选举结果标志着右翼的失势。v.遮住……的光,使黯然失色 "They will always be family, but the distance, both geographical and emotional, between the brothers seems at this point to be the accepted status quo." “他们永远都是家人,但两兄弟之间的距离,无论是地理上的还是情感上的,目前看来都是公认的现状。”